Tell us your hopes for CAMFT

Recently all members of MAMFT were sent a survey about their interest in the future of a Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.   If this is you, and you haven’t already done so, please fill in the survey either by checking your inbox, answer the questions here:   cropped-camft-nameonly21

Your interest in a Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

CAMFT (Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy) is preparing for potential changes coming in these next years as AAMFT changes its structure and relationship with members.   Currently, CAMFT is drafting bylaw revisions so that its existence is no longer determined by AAMFT structure.    CAMFT bylaw changes will include a change to the membership categories and will define members of CAMFT as individual members instead of divisions.   This will allow individuals to voluntarily join an autonomous CAMFT in addition to, or instead of, memberships held with other professional organizations.

One of the key steps CAMFT was able to accomplish for Canadian MFTs is the creation of the RMFT (Registered Marriage and Family Therapist) designation.    This credential is granted by CAMFT to Clinical Fellow Members of AAMFT who live in Canada.  Until recently CAMFT has been funded by a member rebate from AAMFT (discontinued as of December 31, 2016) and levies provided by Canadian AAMFT Divisions (to be discontinued if Divisions dissolve in January, 2018).

In preparation for these proposed changes to the CAMFT structure and bylaws, we are polling Canadian MFTs about their views on the RMFT credential, the value of voluntarily joining the CAMFT, and what would be considered a reasonable and fair member due. Your opinion matters, so please take a few minutes to answer the questions below.  Copy and paste into an email and send it to


  1. Is keeping the RMFT designation granted currently by the CAMFT important to you?


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Yes _________   No ____________


  1. If so, would you pay a nominal fee to retain it?


Yes _________   No ____________


  1. Currently, when you pay your AAMFT membership due you pay a two-tiered membership fee: an AAMFT fee and a Division fee. If the AAMFT restructuring bylaws pass, there will no longer be Divisions or Division fees, thus decreasing your membership fee.Considering this, how much would you pay for a voluntary membership with CAMFT that would allow you to retain your RMFT designation and support dedication to Canadian MFT issues?  (Example:  $10 – $25,  $25 – $75,  $ 100 – 200, etc).




  1. Do you have any other comments/ feedback?