Blog – Relaxing the Brain with Relational Therapy – One MFT talks about her passion

Joanne Couture (RMFT, RSW, B Ed)  writes about her work as a “brain-whisperer”…

“I have been on a quest to learn respectful therapeutic approaches that support clients on their journey to wellness. Above and beyond that much needed safe client-therapist relationship, interventions of all kinds find success in the hands and hearts of those who do trauma-informed care. I have been particularly interested in mindfulness practice which has helped me see that successful therapy begins with attention to the body and especially to the brain.”

Peaceful  photo by Dheepak Ra, licensed CC

“I believe that when we address physical imbalances, our emotional and mental selves can lead us to action that is congruent to who we are, deep inside. ”       Click here to read the full article: Relaxing the brain Relational Therapy by Joanne Couture.