Updates for Changes in AAMFT, CAMFT & MAMFT

Hello!  There are many upcoming changes for our Association at many levels.  AAMFT is launching a vote for all members on changes to their bylaws.  The outcome of this vote will result in major changes for AAMFT either way, and subsequently also for our local division (MAMFT).  Right now CAMFT is also undergoing many changes and considering what all of their next steps will be alongside the changes at AAMFT.

Stay tuned here for updates over these next months.  Here are some beginning background documents to help you get oriented to these bodies, and to help you think about your own steps if you are an MFT and member of MAMFT, AAMFT and CAMFT.

We (at MAMFT) have found that many people have questions about CAMFT .   Click here for a CAMFT History document that will summarize some key points in the development of CAMFT (formerly the Canadian Registry) and the relationship with AAMFT over many decades.

AAMFT has provided a tw0 page description of the By-laws vote this summer.  The vote will be launched June 23 and close August 15, 2017.  This document will give you information to provide some context to the vote, and it briefly describes the choices divisions will have if the vote passes.  You should know that MAMFT is considering creating a geographical interest network at this point.  Feel free to let us know what you think!

And finally here is a document with additional context and information related to some frequently asked questions and themes that came up in our recent survey we conducted with MAMFT members.  Almost half of our whole membership responded.  87% of you who responded to the survey said you value the RMFT designation from CAMFT and would be interested in seeing an independent body representing Canadian MFTs.

We greatly value hearing from you and appreciate your comments and questions.