Who are the members?

How to become a member?

Becoming a member

Membership in the MAMFT is available to Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs), mental health professionals working from a systemic perspective and other interested professionals who are dedicated to ongoing growth and professional development in the areas of supporting individuals, couples and families.  Members of the MAMFT are also members of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. There are six different member categories available.   Follow this link to the AAMFT website for detailed instructions and criteria for each category:

Clinical Fellow:

This is the highest credentialed level of membership.  Clinical Fellows have met rigorous standards of training and supervision in couple and family therapy.


Professionals who hold a current credential in a mental health field other than Marriage and Family Therapy that is defined by the Board to be authorized to provide services to individuals, couples and families.

Pre-Clinical Fellow:

An individual who has completed a master’s or doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy from a regionally accredited educational institution and is completing post degree supervised clinical hours toward becoming a Clinical Fellow.

Associate Member:

An individual who is working toward the post-graduate requirements toward full licensure to practice independently in a mental health field other than MFT.

Student Member:

Those that are enrolled in a graduate marriage and family therapy program, or an equivalent graduate mental health program, which can reasonably be expected to lead to qualifications as a Clinical Fellow or Member of AAMFT.

Affiliate Member:

An individual who is interested in marriage and family therapy but is not in graduate school, is not licensed, and is not working toward MFT or other mental health licensure

Member Benefits

Joining MAMFT provides members with the opportunities of networking, professional development within the local MFT community, advocacy efforts to promote the profession within our professional and public community and ongoing resources for professional information and education.  If you are an active MAMFT member check out our additional resources in the Members Only section.

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Message from the Association President

Welcome to the Manitoba Association for Marriage and Family Therapy website. My name is Vicki Enns, and I have the honour of being the President of the Association for the years 2016 and 2017.

My other professional hats include Instructing and Supervising at the University of Winnipeg in the Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Program, Clinical Director and Trainer with Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute and I run a private practice, Assiniboine Family Therapy.  I have been involved on the MAMFT Board for the past 2 years as President Elect and am honoured to continue to serve as President.

During my term as President I hope to build a growing, strong and engaged Association and continue to raise the profile of MFT’s in the province by creating a brand that will be both recognizable and reputable.  This is in support of regulation and third party payment, which is dependent on the recognition of Marriage and Family Therapists as experts in healing and strengthening couple and family relationships.

Our Board continues to work on becoming more relevant to both family therapists and other mental health professionals in the hopes of expanding our circle.

I am always open to questions or feedback. Feel free to contact me at mamftpresident@gmail.com


Vicki Enns